Simon Coronel


Speaker | Consultant | Glitches Expert | International Illusionist

Simon Coronel is an expert on the impossible; his aptly named Glitches in Reality. As a multi award winning, world renowned Illusionist and an experienced business consultant, he has an extremely unique skill set. Simon is recognised by his peers for his incredible ability, innovation and creativity.


"You can't go wrong with a performer who is so polished and in control of his act."

- Nick Leys, The Herald Sun


Originally from Australia, Simon is now based in Los Angeles where he creates live performance art that seems utterly impossible. He is the winner of more than a dozen international awards, including two separate prizes at the FISM World Championships of Magic and Illusion (the Olympics of Magic) and on the Penn & Teller April Fool Us Special he was featured on the show and awarded a Fool Us Trophy, vindicated after Penn & Teller realised their mistake. He is also bilingual, speaking English and Mandarin.


"We are familiar with Three Fly... (Yours is) not a version of that, it's the best version of that"

- Penn & Teller, Fool Us


Simon has appeared on TV in four countries, performed in seven, and is one of the few Australians to be regularly invited to perform at the world famous Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood. His unique skills are constantly in demand around the world.

Currently touring internationally with his hit show Glitches In Reality, Simon is also sought after by companies worldwide for keynote presentations, consulting and interactive workshops.


Career Highlights

Awards and Achievements

A large number of awards and honours from around the world, including:

  • Winner: Fooler, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, 2018

    Watch the video here

  • Finalist: Best International Show, Hollywood Fringe Festival, 2015

  • Winner: Most Popular Show, Melbourne Magic Festival, 2014

  • Winner: Highly Commended New Work, Short and Sweet Theatre Festival, 2013

  • Winner: Most Original Close-Up Act, FISM World Magic Championships, 2012

  • Finalist: Best Cabaret Show, Hollywood Fringe Festival, 2011

  • Finalist: Best International Show, Hollywood Fringe Festival, 2011

  • Winner: FISM Oceania Championships of Magic, Close-Up Division, 2011

  • 3rd Prize: FISM World Championships of Magic, Micro Magic Division, 2009

  • Winner: Most Entertaining Performer, Australian Society of Magicians, 2008

  • Winner: Close-Up Magic Competition, Australian Society of Magicians, 2007

  • Winner: Australian Centenary Magic Competition (Close-up Division), 2007

  • Winner: Close-Up Magic Competition, Australian Society of Magicians, 2006

  • 2nd Prize: Stage Magic Competition, Paris CFI Magic Convention, 2006

  • Winner: Most Entertaining Performer, Australian Society of Magicians, 2005

  • Winner: Best Professional Magician, Australian Society of Magicians, 2005

  • Winner: Close-Up Magic Competition, Australian Society of Magicians, 2004

  • Winner: "Best Trick" Award, Australian International Magic Convention, 2004

  • Winner: Melbourne Magic Malarkey Close-Up Competition, 2001

Production History

Producer of the following public shows and events:

  • The FISM Rehearsal (2012 Melbourne Magic Festival, reviewed here by Cameron Woodhead)

  • Handsome Jack: Magician, Male Model, Megastar (2012 Independent Production)

  • Chuck Fayne and his Four Opening Acts (2012 Independent Production)

  • Manipulators (2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

  • Sarah Jones and Associates (2011 Independent Production)

  • The Vyom-Needs-A-Promo-Video Show (2010 Independent Production)

  • At The Table: The Art of Close-Up Illusion (Season 1: Feb 2010, Season 2: July 2010, Season 3: March 2011)

  • Manipulations (2010 Melbourne Magic Festival, 2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival)

  • Shoot Ogawa Live at the MMF (2010 Melbourne Magic Festival)

  • Simon Coronel Live at the MMF (2009 Melbourne Magic Festival)

  • Astonishment (2004 Melbourne Fringe Festival)

Conference Appearances

Presented and/or performed at the following conferences:

  • Featured Guest Performer at the World Championships of Magic, South Korea (2018)

  • Performed and presented at the Asia College Magic Convention, Beijing (2013)

  • Performed at MAGIC Live #6, Las Vegas (2013)

  • Performed at EG #7, Monterey (2013)

  • Presented at IdeaCity, Toronto (2012)

  • Presented at EG #6, Monterey (2012)

  • Performed and presented at the International Magic Experience convention, Las Vegas (2011)


Other Interesting Notes

  • Qualified Software Engineer with an Honours Degree in Engineering from Melbourne Uni, plus a BA double majoring in Psychology and Chinese

  • Semi-fluent in Mandarin, and frequently hired to host and perform at Chinese-Australian business and cultural events

  • Ex business consultant for Accenture, a 200,000-person global management consulting company

  • Part of the lecturing staff at the Monash University faculty of science, using illusions as part of the lecture series on subjectivity of perception and the importance of the scientific process

  • Spent five very complex years working full time in management consulting while juggling his "secret" performance career - many wacky hijinks ensued